Message from General Manager

Message from General Manager

Dear Employees, Customers and Business Partners;

We are looking at the future with confidence and hope as well as strong faith thanks to our mining activities, the great mineral resource potential in our country, government incentives and support to the sector. We continue to make investments that will contribute to national economy through regional basin mining in Aegean Region and export, and grow in mining business we stepped in 5 years ago.

I am proud to state that we achieved significant results in mineral production, enrichment, trade and business development. Whilst these results encourage us to set higher objectives for the future, they also increase our responsibilities and encourage us to make the right growth decisions.

We are making growth plans and investments to increase our production and reserves on one hand, and we are making effort to maintain quality, sustainability and occupational safety as utmost priority through the care for people and our institutional experience. We are following the sectoral developments and markets, trying to take steps that make difference in operations and continue to improve ourselves. We achieved a rapid progress in mining activities and increased our license territory five times compared to year 2013, controlling an area of 69 thousand square kilometers and continuing to increase our production which strengthens our leader status in Aegean region. We are also planning to strengthen our position in the international market with our growing export volume. We are proud and happy to be a leading mine producer and exporter in our country through innovative projects to be implemented in our operations and make significant contributions to economy of our country.

We are going to focus on R&D and exploration studies in the next period and improve our indicated reserves. We truly believe that the synergy and volume increase achieved in production and trade areas will be continued via assertive but realistic budget approaches.

We will continue to make a breakthrough in our mining operations and create value in our growing structure together with all of our business partners.